You can rely on Skills Outsourcing Services to outsource capabilities critical to run a business successfully without the burden of high fixed costs. Dedicated to delivering performance, quality, and long-term relationships with business partners. Skills Outsourcing Services has its Registered office in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.


About Us

SKILLS OUTSOURCING SERVICES has been founded in 2021 by a team of HR Experts from Corporate Sectors carrying over 2 decades of experience in diversified industries. Our experienced practitioners specialize in Recruitments & Staffing Solutions. We provide services needed by our clients, resulting in receiving higher quality of services and manpower.

Vision & Mission


To be a reliable, valued and strategic partner for our clients in their road to success, growth and sustainability.


Passion to Excel
Ongoing learning
Respect for individual


To ensure the right fitment for the clients timely and to take care of our clients & employees resulting in both employee and employer satisfaction


Permanent Recruitment

Our Permanent Recruitment division aims at partnering organizations to find best fit talent in alignment to the organization’s vision across industries, work levels and locations. The expertise of our team and the network of our senior professionals is channeled and leveraged to deliver the best talent in the shortest time possible, be it niche positions or volume hiring.

Executive Search

Rapidly changing business environment need to have visionary leadership to chart the way forward. Our experts with a vast network and deep industry understanding help in recruiting highly qualified senior-level professionals for leadership positions in alignment to the requirements of our clients. We aim and deliver in finding suitable leaders 2x faster. With our multiple level of screening process, best fit profile is finally showcased for interview rounds. We focus on choosing visionary leaders to help your organization achieve unparalleled excellence.

Staffing Solutions

Our management has an experience of generating employment of 5000 plus candidates in reputed companies during their corporate career. We provide qualified, trained and skilled resources that are a job fitment as per the organization’s requirement. Out staffing solutions help & supports our clients to focus on evolving business needs by reducing the time taken to hire manpower thereby improving its cash flow & increasing productivity. We are skilled in outsourcing capabilities critical to run a business without burden of high fixed costs. We maintain all statutory compliances, payroll & related grievances thereby providing endless support to our clients.


We are passionate about the transformative effect that learning can have to make work life better and business more effective. Learning & development is fundamental to the growth of any company. Outsourcing the learning and development services from us, helps the organizations in keeping the operational costs down and helping your teams to focus on carrying their core duties. Outsourcing the skills and services from us, required during the necessary training period offers the organizations access to a subject matter expert without having a regular monthly fixed cost spent on hiring and maintain manpower.

Why Choose Us?

High Quality Services
Improved Cash Flow
Flexible Business Model
Customized Business Solutions
We care about your Business Needs
Partnering with Senior Hr Professionals
Focus on Employee & Client Satisfaction
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Head Office

Cubispace, Lucknow-226021, Uttar Pradesh, India

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